Spirit Medicine is looking for you

Spirit Medicine’s reason for being is to discover and nurture underrepresented voices and fresh approaches to storytelling. If you would like to submit material to be considered for our collective, the following form and overview of our process will get you started.

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Give us an idea about your life as a writer and the path that brought you to Spirit Medicine.

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The first ten pages

If we feel that your story is a good fit for Spirit Medicine, we'll invite you to submit the first 10 pages of your script. If the pages show us ways that you can strengthen your writing, we may offer some pointers and resources that will help you do just that. If we like what we see, you’ll get the 40-page invite.

The FORTY-Page Invite

No, that’s not an invitation that’s 40 pages long. We will invite you to submit the first 40 pages of your story. With this deeper dive, we will be able to get a bead on your dramatic structure and some of the more nuanced aspects of your story craft. If you make the cut after the 40-page read, we’ll be in touch to read your entire script.

The engagement

Once you are invited into the collective, we take a deep dive into your material, offering painfully thorough notes and ushering you through rewrites, as needed. All the while we present your concept(s) to our development contacts to gauge the fit with current trends and mandates.

When the material is ready, we guide you through the composition of your supporting materials and make sure you and your pages are ready for the pitch room. As your work advances, we can introduce you to the types of representatives who are the formal conduit of projects into the development pipeline. But first things first.