3 Things about smp


Spirit Medicine is a partnership of two repped screenwriters who share a vision for a more diverse, communal and collaborative approach to talent development.


We work with a carefully selected collective of emerging talent, helping writers who work as hard as we do, who surprise and inspire us with their stories, and who we feel deserve a seat at the table in New Hollywood.


working with spirit medicine


We find talented writers who have spent a few years and a couple hundred pages honing their craft. We help refine their material and prepare them for the rigors of working as a Hollywood writer. If you think you have the chops to be a part of the collective, visit our submission page.


for Development execs

To discuss any of the properties on our slate, or if you need a writer for collaboration, rewrites, or doctoring, send us an email. If you would prefer to go through our agent, contact Robin Sheldon at Artistry Agency.