We are screenwriters and our collective nurtures emerging talent with underrepresented voices.

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We support the development of film and episodic properties and usher them into the marketplace.


We find talented writers, hone their skills and prepare them for the rigors of working as a Hollywood writer.

The Spirit Medicine Writer is in love with the craft. She has written a few scripts on her way to mastery. He lives for getting notes and he dives into a rewrite with the same enthusiasm that brought his story to life in the first place. The Spirit Medicine Writer can turn out 15 pages of high-quality material in one sitting. She understands the conventions of the craft and knows one must master the rules before one breaks them. If you think you have the chops to be a part of the collective, visit our submission page.



The writers in our collective are skilled collaborators, cowriters, and polishers. If you work with directors who have concepts but are not themselves screenwriters, we can pair them with a skilled writer.

We also have a powerful slate of original material. Reach out anytime, and we'll let you know who's in the kitchen and what we have cooking.